America West/US Air/ American Airlines

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PHX based America West Airlines always had a bad reputation in the airline industry. US Air bought them in the mid 2000’s and American Airlines bought US Air in the early 2010’s. Funny part is that top AWA members from the mid 90’s now run AA. They went from poorly running the low man on the totem pole to running one of the largest airlines in the world.

To solidify my point, check out this video quickly. (4.5 min video). I may not be using the best vocabulary to explain what I mean.

Watch “The defunct airline ruling the American aviation industry” on YouTube

Even if you dont think its worthy of a video, I hope to one day see a CompanyMan video on something in the airline industry.

Keep up the good work, I have watched every new video published for the last 2 years. Thanks for making youTube enjoyable!