Autism Speaks: Why They’re Hated

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Although Autism Speaks is a 501 (c)(3) organization, it has had corporate ties ever since its’ founding in 2005 by former NBC/Universal CEO Bob Wright & his late wife Susan. Former board directors include current and former executives from eBay, Samsung, and SiriusXM, while the current roster boasts the likes of executives from White Castle, AMC Networks, FX Networks, Goldman Sachs, several corporate hedge funds and real estate investors, and even the CEO of PayPal. Major corporate partners include The Home Depot, Dollar General, and TJX Companies. It’s also a popular org among celebrities and fashion brands, where brand collaborations with the likes of Etnies, Wilson, and celebrities with the likes of Matthew McConaughey. Even Tommy Hilifiger himself sat on the board for a while.
Many people on the spectrum have done a lot of exposure about the org, like how they