Big Idea Entertainment

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Big Idea is a Christian animation studio that distributed lots of VeggieTales home videos, which featured anthropomorphic talking vegetables that teach great Christian morals through fun stories that retell some stories from the Bible with a modern twist and sometimes even parody pop culture in film, television, and fairy tales and in the middle of most episodes(not all episodes have this) there is a silly song performed by Larry(a cucumber) or even multiple characters to get the kids excited.The company has an interesting timeline, the company was started by three men fresh out of bible college, who needed to pay rent, thus creating VeggieTales in 1993. Phil Vischer, the owner of Big Idea, eventually lost control and the company filed bankruptcy in 2003, after their first feature-length film based off of the biblical story of Jonah. Since then, Phil only wrote one script per year. I think it’s worth mentioning the hard work that Phil, and all others at Big Idea went through just to make sure we learn solid Christian morals, while still having fun. Shout out to Phil Vischer and everyone who works for Big Idea, or used to work for Big Idea, you deserve to be recognized.