Chrylser Bailout/ The Birth of the Chrysler K Platform

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As we all know Lee Iacocca got a government bailout in late 1979 early 1980. He made the K platform a reality ( Dodge Aries K Plymouth Repaint K) in 1981. Then Iacocca expanded the K platform to the Lebaron Series and 1983 the New Yorker rode on the K platform . Then in 1984 the T Platform was a stretched K Plymouth Voyager/ dodge Caravan. He also made the G platform Dodge Daytona/ Plymouth Lazer. He paid the government back 7 years early by 1983 Chrysler was in profit. Also in 1982 He made the first convertible since 1976. The stretched K platform Dodge 400/600 a4 door and convertible. Then in 1985 He also had the Dodge Lancer/Lebaron GTS also k platform. Then 1987 with the P platform streated K platform Sundance/Shadow. Then 1988 he based the Dynasty/New Yorker Landau/ Fifth Avenue FWD/ Imperial off the C platform you guessed stretched K platform. The dodge Spirit/Plymouth Acclaim were also a k platform. What made Chrysler base all of their card off of the K platform from 1980-1999. He made 65+ cars off of the K .Why was it to save money?