Church’s/Texas Chicken

1 year agoVideo Created!

I think this could be an interesting topic for the “why 2 names” series. It’s called “Church’s Chicken” in the US, but called “Texas Chicken” everywhere else. Interestingly, it is also being called “Church’s Texas Chicken” in Canada as of 2020! I read that the different names were maybe due to religion concerns when they expanded into the international market, but why would they not apply that same ideology to America? I would also like to know the situation with Popeyes/Church’s/Burger King as mentioned in the Popeye’s video because it was kind of rushed toward the end and I was unsure if both the chicken brands were now owned by BK, or just Popeyes. I would love some answers from the #1 source on company knowledge and do not have the energy or know-how to look into it myself. Thank you for reading!