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From very humble beginnings, Dyson went from a small manufacturer of revolutionary bagless vacuum cleaners in Malmesbury, UK to becoming a global powerhouse in technology and consumer goods. Their name has become ubiquitous in many segments they’ve garnered huge success in, such as floor care, battery technology, brushless digital motor technology, heating and cooling products, hand dryers, lighting, and even women’s hair care…..and they even have an electric car on the horizon.

I feel that the leaps and bounds that Dyson has made in advancing technology in their chosen market segments parallels that of Apple during the Steve Jobs era. Dyson doesn’t just enter a market segment in hopes of getting a small piece of market share…they make a huge splash with plenty of fanfare. You don’t see that many companies out there that can make consumers want an otherwise mundane product, or influence competitors to flood the market with numerous blatant knockoffs. I feel this is why Dyson deserves a Company Man video. Thanks!