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I’m sure this is something thats gonna see a surge in requests after the comcast video but I genuinely feel a “Why they’re hated” video on EA would be beneficial. Both to people who don’t actually know any better or people choosing to be willingly ignorant on their history.

Where to start, well I mentioned the consumerist before and in those in between years with comcast EA actually snagged the dubious title, twice. The first year I believe was because of how they handled both Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect 3, 2 highly anticipated conclusions to those trilogies. I can sum up both pretty simply in that both games were muddled to death with monetary elements and decisions that destroyed the game. Imagine if you’re playing Resident Evil a game heavily entrenched in setting up an atmosphere of hopelessness, fear, and adrenaline to survive. You have to use your surroundings thought and wit to survive each enemy encounter. Seems a lot of fun and thats the core of what Dead Space is at least. Now imagine having an always available monetary element to the player. It completely removed everything that made Dead Space Dead Space.

In 2013 Sim City was released and to save characters imagine not being able to play a game you paid $60 for on launch day because of always online. Then being told the DRM can’t be removed. THEN finding out that the DRM can be removed rather easily, meaning EA lied.

After all that EA then made the claim that would make stronger attempts to improve consumer relations…in 2014.

Getting on to the elephant in the room though we have the Battlefront II controversy which got so bad governments commited to crackdown on anti lootbox policies while key EA investors at the time tried to call gamers “entitled”


Yeah, this is just what happened in the 2010s. I think theres a great video and great discussion here that I would love to see you cover. Thanks!