Exelon Corporation Rise and Fall of Nuclear Power

5 years agoOpen For Voting

Exelon is a fortune 100 energy company with roughly half of their business focused on selling electric energy into the deregulated electricity markets. The majority of their generation fleet is focused on generating nuclear power and recently there has been a flurry of plants running into financial woes and have shuttered. I would like you to make a video that covers the history of Exelon and the nuclear plants Exelon operates (three mile island would be an interesting place to start), the financial booms and hardships of the company over the years, explores the business case for nuclear power in the USA (past and present), a discussion of how nuclear power plants operate in the deregulated electricity markets, and why Exelon is shuttering these plants. Finally, I would like to see a question posed to the audience and you can remain agnostic if you like: do you believe the extra cost incurred by nuclear power outweighs the positive environmental impact they provide?