Fatburger, Shake Shack and (potentially) Five Guys.

5 years agoOpen For Voting

There is an American burger renaissance happening back in the States, and these brands listed have arrived in Singapore, where I come from. I want to hear from you about how these companies have grown in the US to now be able to expand and have a global reach due to their quality menu products or advertising through word of mouth etc. These 3 companies (Five Guys pending later in 2019) made their mark on the island, Fatburger attracted crowds first, whilst Shake Shack debuted in the most spectacular shopping hub at Changi Airport, the $1.3 Billion Jewel, and have 1-2 hour waiting lines for their stuff. And then this week, sources voiced that Five Guys have intentions to move to Singapore, which I saw as the American Burger War erupting in Singapore, maybe the world.