HTC: Once a smartphone leader, now boring and forgotten by all

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HTC in 2011 was the third biggest smartphone comany behind samsung and apple but now, they get minimal media attention. HTC was the first smartphone manufacturer to use android and the first google nexus phone was an htc phone. They rose to fame quickly with their first phone. And so when the time came for the sucessor, the results were underwhelming and boring. That allowed samsung to dominate over HTC. In addition other smartphone makers like xaiomi and hawuei were getting bigger and bigger. HTC also had a bad ad campain. Its ads were too much or too little. It had robert downey in one ad but because the phones werent in the ad very much, the ad didnt make an impact on phone sales. With HTC loosing money rapidly, they relied on things to go viral, and that never happened. The u11 was a phone with good critic reviews but, it sold poorly due to a lack of marketing campaign and media coverage.