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JETIX is an old TV channel and I need to know more then just “In January 2004, Fox Kids Europe, Fox Kids Latin America and ABC Cable Networks Group agreed to rename its then current operations under a single umbrella name Jetix,[5][6] which helped strengthen its then operations into a single force. The Jetix name was applied to its programming blocks which aired on ABC Family and Toon Disney, its television channels in Europe and Latin America, along with its programme library and merchandising.[5]

The Jetix name was chosen after the company conducted international research specifically with a number of children focus groups. Many of the children picked the name as it implied action and adventure, and the company was able to use the name internationally due to its ambiguity. Bruce Steinberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Kids Europe, explain that Jetix would help strengthen Fox Kids Europe’s partnership with Disney while building new alliances to continue to successfully leverage its programming library and distribution.[7][8]

On 14 February 2004, Toon Disney and ABC Family launched their Jetix blocks with Jetix Cards Live, the world’s first concurrently online and telecast trading card game.[9] Toon Disney had 12 hours of weekly prime time programming to start, and ABC Family had two hours on weekdays and four hours on weekends, all in the morning.[10] In fall 2004 with the addition of three new shows, Toon Disney’s U.S. block was expanded to 16 hours.[10]

After Jetix Europe was purchased by Disney in December 2008, they announced that all Jetix operations would be replaced with a Disney branded channel. In the United States, Toon Disney and Jetix were merged to form Disney XD on 13 February 2009.”

The rest of the Jetix channels were either merged with Toon Disney to create Disney XD or were replaced with Disney XD or Disney Channel, depending on the region.[citation needed]

The Latin American channel was also rebranded as Disney X