Lego Bionicle

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it was supposedly helped Lego come out of bankruptcy by being they first official Intellectual Property after the Star Wars License proved popular but required royalties.

it was designed to be a Pokemon competitor whose collectable gimmick was so ingrained into its lore it was the subject of a movie, a whole story arch and the core of a reboot.

it also had the most deep and complex lore for a toyline meant to last just one year (and proven so popular it lasted throughout the entirety of the 2000s) with a lot of content being fan created via contests and online votes.
it was the most successful transmedia franchise that spanned movies games books and even toothbrushes and sneakers. also the first to impliment some staples of modern internet such as AMAs and codes from products being redeemed for online content such as animations and desktop toys.

and its downfall was due to doing too good of a job of advertising the toys when people were consuming peripheral media like comics and books more than the toys.

it also had some pitfalls and hinderences that kept it from achieving better success ranging from being caught in a scandal with the Maori people of new Zealand (which resulted in a fansite being attacked) to being passed over for a TV show because they felt it was doing good already (many speculate the TV show could have made it as iconic as Transformers and Power Rangers).

it also spawned a very dedicated fanbase that archived all available media and made headlines unearthing a canceled game as well as have their own 3d print community that makes new collectables .

could be perfect to talk about the concept of franchises and intellectual property and how branding and marketing is everything.