Malls, REITs, and the companies who run them.

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As someone who travels the country doing vending work, a lot of my business is in malls. I have equipment in malls from many different property groups: JLL, CBL, Washington Prime Group, Simon Property Group, Brookfield Property Group (they just merged with GGP) Hendon Properties, Hull Properties, and more. Some properties do significantly better than other, and same goes with the company associated.

Different companies have different objectives, and this topic could be broken down by either each individual property group, or split into the different malls classifications; Class A+, A, B, C, etc.; Or whatever else you can think of.

With today’s economy, the rise of online shopping, and other variables; there is a clear divide between the success or failures for each property group and their associated properties (malls, outlet malls, or others).

This is a deep topic that offers several videos of content, and will definitely open the eyes of viewers into the world of the malls as a whole, and the success/failures of the industry.

I highly recommend this potentially DEEP topic.