Market Basket

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Market Basket is a large regional supermarket chain in New England.

There was a battle within the family that owns Market Basket over selling off the company’s assets. This resulted in a job action by their employees to force the return of the ceo who ran the company. The employees are non union and the job action was fully supported by their customers.

They are an interesting company with tremendous amount of employee and customer loyalty. They only hire from within and everybody starts at the bottom. By all accounts, they are a great company to work for and they don’t seem to have the staffing issues that other businesses are having . They also have no self checkouts, and they have the best prices in the area. Market Basket is said to be a real estate company that owns grocery stores. They own the shopping centers that they are located in.

There is a documentary about Market Basket and the job action by employees called “Food Fight” that has a lot more information than I can give you.

You should check them out, they have a great history and a great story!

I don’t and never have worked for them, but I am a loyal customer.