Nobody Beata the WIZ !!

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ok here’s the short of it. it was like circuit city of the day(they orginally were a small record selling busness store(they had only one called “the wiz” @ the fulton mall)- but based in NYC(brooklyn to be exact) and they went into electronics and then expanded to the whole city and parts of the tri-state area.. (new jersy, connecuit,upstate ny etc, etc.. )

The owners were “Jamal family”

they are pretty sketchey folks. Some or rather 1 of them are in jail for fraud.. they bought and sold real estate and got caught up in it.. Sry it’s been a few yrs…

your looking 1970’s – early 2000’s

They some how had a unquie system-> they never paied for their products, their credit as far as department store SHOULD have to buy more inventory.. they never had.. yet the sold products..

Yea they were on senfeild BUT they added a “Goof ball” to the comerical that “king” or what ever he was NEVER on the REAL comericals.. ( i used to work for Nobody Beats the Wiz=NBTW<- they also used the acronym in the business dealings too)

From what i can rememeber there were 3 brothers. and from the “Wiz” they made millions and went into some petty theft and criminal stuff and they were once reguarded and seen as a sucessful family until the fraud was exposed.. i know by THAT time(i think i dunno) “NBTW” was sold off to local compention “PC-Richards”(which you should also do a segment about something like best buy but more on appliances and a familly own operation)…

But The Wiz.. is DEFANTLY needed to look into.. small family busniess, to fame and fortune to Con-artist, to slum lords(i heard)now to convicts !!!