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They are the big competitor to Apple in the smartphone world! They went from copying and ripping off the iPhone to making smartphones with their own ideas. The s5 and earlier were regarded as cheap because of their plastic backs and iPhone knockoffs because of how similar they were to the iPhone. With the galaxy s6, they made the phone feel premium with a glass back and aluminum sides! They refined that with the s7 and put a killer camera with a great display! But, they still had roots back to the older galaxies which were iPhone copycats. Starting with the galaxy s8, Samsung came up with their own idea and introduced the edge to edge display and put an iris scanner in their phone! They went from iPhone copycat to one of the most beautiful and elegant phones to date! It really set the trend for the iPhone X and other phones to get a bigger screen in a smaller area! The s8 also ditched the physical home button! The galaxy s10 reinvented the display again by having no bezels whatsoever and instead having what we call a hole punch display! Which is all screen except for a circular cutout for the camera! Samsung was the first to do this and it was a big step up over the somewhat dated look of the note 9. They also put in a triple camera setup with an ultra wide camera, and an in display fingerprint scanner, with reverse wireless charging which lets you charge other phones and earbuds!