Singer (sewing) Company

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In 1988 a man named Paul Bilizerian bought Singer with junk bonds then cannibalized its assets, raided its retirement accounts which ruined thousands of retirees lives. He singularly destroyed a huge world wide company that sewing machine were actually just a small part of their business. Singer had computers (Friden that were in all the SEARS stores point of sales registers) – LINK flight simulators for NASA – home furniture- SEARS powers tools and many more world wide manufacturing. When you see the SINGER name now its just a licensed name like, Bell & Howell & Honeywell.
I’m one of the many SINGER employees that had their retirement fund stolen by Bilizerian!
Bilzerian only served a 13-month prison sentence for all this destruction and In 2019, he renounced his American citizenship
Submitted by Richard Anderson
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p.s. Your videos are amazing ,shining light on major companies