The Controversy of Kinder

5 years agoOpen For Voting

Kinder is a huge chocolate brand in Europe but virtually unheard of in America. It’s started gaining some ground with Kinder Joy but their hallmark product is the Kinder Surprise Egg, totally different products.
It’s a hollow chocolate egg about the size of a large chicken egg, with a plastic pill capsule inside, and inside that capsule you can find a toy, usually with some assembly required. Joy on the other hand has the toy in one half of the plastic egg shell and basically a bed of nutella and two non chocolate coated Ferrero Rocher balls resting on it.
I personally find Joy is sadness while Surprise is bliss. Also Kinder chocolate tastes exceptionally better than chocolate from Hershey or Nestle. It’s smooth and rich. If you choose to do this video idea I highly suggest trying to get Kinder Chocolate bars so you can compare it first hand.
You could talk about the law that banned Kinder Surprise in the USA, how you can be fined $2,500 per egg if you attempt to smuggle them into the country, how Nestle’s Wonder Ball existed when Kinder Surprise couldn’t, and how while Americans still can’t get an actual Kinder Surprise, we at least are making progress by getting Kinder Joy, even if it’s an inferior product. You could also compare the toys each product has.