The Decline (and Demise) of Pebble Technology Corporation

5 years agoOpen For Voting

Pebble is the company that arguably created the first ever “modern smartwatch” (one with an App Store and different watch-faces), and were one of the most successful companies to announce and fund the creation of products via Kickstarter. They began under the brand name “Allerta”, in late 2010. Later in 2011, they announced the branding change to Pebble and began their Kickstarter for their original Pebble Watch (now dubbed Pebble Classic). They continued creating more watches until 2016, when they announced bankruptcy and had their software division acquired by Fitbit. Fitbit kept the software end of Pebble running until 2017, and then gave Rebble the duty of keeping Pebble’s software running. I would like to know why Pebble failed financially and why Pebble failed while Fitbit, Apple and other companies succeeded.