The Phar-Mor Scam

5 years agoOpen For Voting

A super-cheap priced discount store was in town and even Wal-Mart was frightened about them. Yep. Of all companies, for once it wasn’t Kmart, Target, Sears, Montgomery Ward or Ames. It was…. Phar-Mor. An Ohio-based drugstore with a larger than life entrepreneur at the helm. But soon when the 90s came in, things started to get rough for Phar-Mor. What with the founder committing fraud and going to jail, having 2 bankruptcies and the ever-growing reputation of the other retailers. And in 2002, just 20 years after the first store opened, the once feared drugstore collapsed and faded into oblivion. I would really like to hear about the history of the company.