The Rise and Fall of YUGO USA

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Yugo was a import car from Yugoslavia that Malcolm Bricklin started to import over to the US in late 1985. It was a base GV (Great Value) 2 Door with a 1.1L Fait 4 cyl Rear Defrost cloth seat Am/FM cassette standard equipment all for 3990.00. Then by 1988 he had three YUGO models the GV9 Great Value) GVL (Great Value Luxury)and the GVX (Great Value Sport). Why did these tiny hatchbacks sell so fast? Then by 1991 YUGO USA filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. They sited it was due to the emissions recall were they had to recall all vehicles due to lousy emissions standard. Or was it due to the poor build quality and because of the 3990.00 sticker price that no one bothered to maintain the car. Yes they were bad. What made the little YUGO sell out before dealers got their cars. At first it was yielded as a successor to the VW beetle. The only catch the VW Beetle was reliable and this wasn’t. Did the USA Emissions recall kill YUGO USA or did the poor reliability in the early years. It was said that 1990 the YUGO got FI And Automatic and a 1.5L 4 cylinder and was getting more reliable What actually happened?