The Vaporware of Elio Motors

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Elio Motors was founded in 2009 with a goal to make a gas powered automobile that was highly fuel efficient (84 mpg hwy/49 mpg city) and cheap. Basically, if you can’t afford Tesla but still want to try and reduce your carbon footprint without losing your car.
They were supposed to release their first (and only) car in 2012, but have delayed every single year and have never released anything to the public, only promises and pixie smoke. There have been public showings where people could see a prototype car (small tandem two seater on three wheels) and even sit in it to verify their comfort in it. The car was supposed to cost less than 8k for the base model. As of the end of 2017 the company only had 6 employees from my research yet they still claim the manufacturing is coming.